QINOUS manager explains current trends in the London-based magazine.

QINOUS Co-founder Busso von Bismarck is quoted extensively in the current issue of The Energy Industry Times. “I strongly believe Africa will leapfrog the traditional approach to electrifying countries through grid extension, simply because it is much cheaper do it in a decentralised way… energy storage alongside solar or wind will play a major part in such a development”, von Bismarck is quoted in the January issue of the The Energy Industry Times, a London-based magazine with international readership.

The detailed article on Africa entitled “Creating a winning hand” refers several times to Busso von Bismarck. Among other things, the co-founder of Qinous explains why energy storage systems also make a lot of economic sense: „We can now produce solar electricity at around 4-8¢/kWh; diesel [generation] is around 30+ ¢/kWh. But you can only integrate solar into a diesel micro-grid to around 15 to 20 per cent on an annual average without energy storage”, von Bismarck is quoted.

Author of the article is Junior Isles, editor-in-chief of The Energy Industry Times. Isles comments: „Established in 2013, Qinous has developed a standardised package that is well suited to the needs of many of the off-grid communities found in African countries and other emerging markets, and could also be used in commercial and industrial applications. In Africa, the company is already active in Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya and is in talks in Mali.“

The original article published by The Energy Industry Times can be found here.