Both companies agree to open the next chapter of their collaboration.

After the successful launch of the first two 600 kVA/ 600 kWh mobile battery containers (called the Big Battery Box) by Dutch company Bredenoord using a QINOUS storage solution system, both companies are now eager to take the next step together. Today they issued a joint statement praising and confirming their collaboration, which started in 2017.

In this statement Bredenoord CEO Jaap Fluit is quoted as follows: “This partnership is an important basis for our strategic storage solutions development within Bredenoord. Sharing the technical knowledge of our fleet management concept and creating, operating and servicing temporary power systems and the battery knowledge of QINOUS has led to the first mobile storage solutions container of this size that is available in the market.”

In the same statement QINOUS managing director Steffen Heinrich is quoted as saying : “While the energy world is transforming rapidly and fundamentally, mobile solutions are becoming increasingly important, for example in order to support fast charging stations for electric vehicles. Bredenoord and QINOUS together are pionieering this market for mobile storage solutions where we see huge economic as well as ecological benefits.“

Bredenoord´s announcement regarding the partnership with QINOUS can be found here.