New Energy Storage Systems in Haiti – powering vital services

David Dunnett, Head of Software Development at Qinous talks about his recent trip to Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti.

I just returned from a great visit with our friends at Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles, Haiti. HAS was our first international project, and our very first off-grid project.  Four years later, they have now expanded and are our first off-grid customer with two energy storage systems. Our integrated microgrid controller is now monitoring and controlling their entire microgrid: 19 solar inverters with over 300kWp installed capacity, four gensets between 200-400kW each, and of course two Qinous ESS: 240kW/224kWh, and 100kW/308kWh. Before our plug and play ESS, short blackouts occurred at the hospital daily. Now they are extremely rare. A complex and exciting system!

The original system helped to reduce fuel consumption by more than 25%. Not only did this save the hospital money but it helped stretch fuel reserves. Recent diesel scarcity in Haiti has made it difficult to receive deliveries of diesel. In February, this threatened to shut the hospital down – a hospital that serves an area with over 350,000 people. But the solar installation at HAS, together with our ESS and microgrid controller, was able to stretch their reserves throughout the scarcity. The result: no shutdown and the hospital managed to continue providing its vital services. With their expanded solar system and the new Qinous ESS, diesel savings at HAS are expected to double and go well beyond 50%.