Berlin/Germany, 2 September 2019 Qinous together with its new partner Detroit, the current distributor for MTU in Chile are pleased to announce a strategic partnership in Latin America.

The two companies intend to develop new projects across Latin America, by focusing on delivering efficient and scalable hybrid projects to industries and communities. Given Detroit’s established presence in Chile and Brazil, the partnership will strengthen existing connections with existing customers who seek to apply Qinous’ efficient Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and innovative Energy Management System (EMS) to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.

The partners have already secured the first common project where 54 kW new diesel generators with a QCompact ESS and EMS with 60kVA and 84kWh will soon be delivered to service an entire microgrid in combination with wind turbines. The new power plant is located at a community in Patagonia the south of Chile

Cristián Del Favero, Director of Energy at Detroit, sees important potential for hybrid energy solutions in Latin America. He states, “Today in Latin America there are many places where there is a weak grid or no grid at all. These places are usually powered by diesel generators. There is an important possibility to save diesel and the environment by working with renewable energies and Energy Storage Systems that would create a sustainable and stable solution.”

Steffen Heinrich, Managing Director of Qinous remarked: “Considering the rapidly expanding market in Latin America and the commercial need for hybrid energy solutions, we are confident that both Qinous and Detroit will deliver customers with cost-effective battery storage systems with a clear value for industries and communities”

About Qinous GmbH

Qinous GmbH develops energy storage systems for public and commercial enterprises around the globe. Our plug and play, containerized concept (preinstalled and factory tested) guarantees high-quality systems that also allow flexible application. Additionally, our products come with smart control software that monitors, controls and optimizes performance by managing multiple systems and/or complete micro-grids, including diesel generators.

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