KATO Secondary School

KATO Secondary School

The Kato Secondary School complements the facilities at Paramakatoi and is expected to accommodate 300 to 500 students.

Kato was chosen as a suitable place for the new school because the Chiung River. There was a plan to use the potential of the River to develop a 300 kW run-of-river, mini-hydropower scheme to supply electricity primarily to the school.

However, with the hydropower development still in question, and the unavailability of long-term wind data for the location, a decision was taken to employ solar PV as the primary electricity source, with a diesel generator as backup for periods of prolonged suboptimal solar radiation.

  • Department of Education (Guyana)
  • Diesel-PV-Battery hybrid system
  • 60 kW / 107 kWh Energy storage solution QCompact (Lithium)
  • 40 kWp Photovoltaic system

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