Misool Eco Resort


Misool Eco Resort is a world-class Resort and Conservation Centre located in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, in the heart of marine biodiversity. Since opening in 2006, the work of Misool has become synonymous with marine conservation and sustainable tourism. Built on the site of a former shark-finning camp, the resort creates transformative experiences in pristine nature.

Previously the resort was running purely on manually operated diesel generators. Now the power infrastructure is completely renewed including a large PV system, a battery storage and the QINOUS Micro-grid and Energy Management System for full automatic control.

“This project is an important next step towards our carbon-free future,” said Andrew Miners, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Misool Eco Resort. “The implementation of this hybrid system will significantly reduce our usage of fossil fuels by 55% and focuses firmly on environmental sustainability. Our operational decisions must reflect the value of our natural assets and this implementation will bolster our objective of protecting the world’s richest reefs.”

  • Misool Eco Resort MER (Indonesia)
  • Diesel-PV-Battery hybrid system
  • 90 kW / 168 kWh Energy storage solution QCompact (Lithium)
  • 125 kWp Photovoltaic system
  • Multiple diesel generators

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