The Berlin-based renewable energy storage specialist is benefiting from the world-wide boom of microgrids – and has now filled three key company roles.

The Berlin-based electricity storage specialist, QINOUS, is on a clear course for growth after recently completing their funding round, where global company Rolls Royce stepped up as strategic investor. This year, the revenue is set to triple from that of 2017, to almost six million euros.

“Our goal is to have a yearly revenue increase of at least a high double-figure percentage” said QINOUS’ Managing Director, Steffen Heinrich, who, along with Busso von Bismarck, founded the company in 2013.

QINOUS develops storage systems for solar and wind energy in an average power range of 30 – 2000 Kilowatts. A particular piece of software developed by QINOUS regulates the combination of energy production (both by fossil and renewable sources), energy storage and usage. This way, independent electricity networks (‘microgrids’), for example, can optimise their technical and commercial energy usage.

To date, QINOUS has got 15 megawatt-hours of storage capacity up and running for over 30 different projects throughout 16 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia/Oceania and Africa. Among these projects are hospitals, hotels and schools, as well as even whole city districts, which were previously relying exclusively on fossil fuels.

Analysts are expecting that the global market for the storage systems sector relevant to QINOUS will grow by more than 400 percent by 2020 – to around five billion euros.

Across the world, the majority of microgrids that exist today are still running on diesel. Rolls-Royce is one of the leading producers of diesel and gas generators, with a well established distribution network. “The co-operation with Rolls-Royce will provide additional momentum for our sales business” said Steffen Heinrich, QINOUS Managing Director.

In accordance with the ambitious course for growth, QINOUS has recently filled three key positions, as follows:

  1. Reinhard Edelmann has been appointed Managing Director (along with Steffen Heinrich), responsible for QINOUS finances, effective immediately. After studying industrial engineering, he worked in the finance branch for many years, including for companies such as Price Waterhouse and the British investment company, 3i. He has 18 years of experience as founder and venture capitalist in the Start-Up sector. Most recently, he was the Head of Finance for his own IT company, Leverton.
  2. As the new Head of Sales, Dr Claus Fischer controls QINOUS global business activities and will, amongst other responsibilities, set the course for the intended revenue growth by expanding partner programs. After gaining a PhD in chemistry, he worked for Heliocentris, a manufacturer of hybrid energy systems, for more than 10 years and was responsible for the construction of business networks in Asia, Africa and Australia, amongst other things.
  3. Dr Joachim Müller-Soares, as Head of Marketing and Communications, is responsible for building QINOUS up to become a global brand. He previously worked as a Broadcast Journalist and was Capital Correspondent for the business magazine, Capital, amongst other things. Most recently, he was the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of his own business magazine, bizz energy.